Conversations in the COVID Crisis- Episode 22

LRA President and CEO Stan Harris discusses the National Restaurant Association’s recent letter to Congress that recapped the recent COVID-19 impact survey. For months, Congress has been trapped in a political tug-of-war while restaurants continue to go dark. A group of moderate Democrats and Republicans last week unveiled a compromise plan that has brought both parties back to the negotiating table. They are calling for a $909 billion relief bill, including a second round of Paycheck Protection Program grants, which with improvements could provide immediate assistance to restaurants. We need Congress to pass our Blueprint for Restaurant Revival, but we also need to ensure that Congress at least makes a “down payment” on a relief plan before leaving town for the year. Our industry simply cannot wait for relief any longer. Efforts in Washington to find the “perfect” solution are laudable, but the lack of progress in the meantime has led too many operators to give up on the government and close down for good. We are pressing for an all-of-the-above approach from lawmakers – nothing should be off the table.

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