Conversations in the COVID Crisis- Episode 11

Our hosts Stan Harris and Wendy Waren are back for Episode 11! Stan agrees that though its disappointing we did not move forward to Phase 3, it was expected due to the rise of cases across the country. He also reminds all of our listeners to mask up and practice proper handwashing before you enter a restaurant. No matter how impatient we are, we need to keep up these practices in Phase 2 to keep our restaurants open. “We don’t want to mistake activity for progress,” he said. Ken Veron of Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette hopped on the call to tell us a little about Eat Lafayette, a summer-long culinary celebration that takes place from June through September. Locals and visitors alike are invited to manger at over 200 locations of the area’s well known and not so well known locally owned eateries to celebrate Lafayette as one of the tastiest towns of the South. Visit for more details. Stan ends the call by sharing an exciting announcement: Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser asked the LRA and the Louisiana Seafood Board to work together on a media promotion to get people back in our restaurants, eating authentic Louisiana seafood!

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